Safe Design Speed Policy

All city streets where cars and pedestrians interact should be designed for safe speeds.

Ask your City and County to establish a
Safe Design Speed Policy

If a driver hits a person at 20 mph, that person has a 95% chance of surviving, but if the car is going just 40 mph this statistic  ips - with only a 15% chance of survival. Changing speed limits alone is not going to achieve safe streets. More important is the design of the actual streets, which begin with an assumption of a “design speed,” the hidden variable that makes us feel like we should drive faster.

Engineers rely upon design speed to decide every element of a street, from placement of street trees, lane widths, crosswalks and bike lanes, and angles of corners and curves. Across the board, we use design speeds not appropriate where people will be walking, biking, using wheelchairs, or playing in their yard
. Texas cities and counties can change this today.